In my treatments I use Thai Massage techniques as efficient tools to help reseting your body in many layers, activating the blood circulation, the lymphatic system, improves the immune system and smoothens and activate the facial condition.

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“I decided to book a massage with Hannah, because she understands dancer’s body and what it needs. I had multiple sessions of 60 minutes and every time she listened to my preferences and tried different approaches. She knows how to create a certain atmosphere around and within, so that during the session I could fully let go and enjoy the calm and peace. After each massage I left being fully relaxed and satisfied. I absolutely recommend it. “

Stasy TerehhovaProfessional Dancer/Performer

“Dear Hannah, such a calm, lovely session again with you! I enjoy every moment of it, the placement of the hands, the trust, the guidance, the embodiment of the body into a relaxed state. Thank you so much!”

Karolien WautersProfessional Dancer/Performer

“ Hannah is very dedicated and caring masseuse, who knows first-hand about taking care of a performer’s body. She works very professionally and listens to what it is your body and mind need. A 90 minutes session on the Thai Massage is a treat but also almost compulsory maintenance for me performer. “

Arjan GebraardProfessional Theater maker/ Performer