About Me

My name is Hannah Chandra Mahler, a professional dancer, choreographer, movement coach and massage therapist using Thai massage techniques. As a massage therapist I treat my clients to release tensions and guide the body to gain awareness of the current body state. Next to recovery treatments I help the overloaded mind to feel lighter and make the busy and creative mind rest! In the present moment 70 % of my clients are highly active performers (singers, dancers, actors, musicians, visual artists) from the art sector.


I am …
– Massage therapist with international professional artistic career (performer, choreographer, movement coach)
– Able to relate and comprehend active rapid pace schedules and physical conditions, pain and busy lifestyle.
– Customised treatment plan, including information about additional relaxation techniques to practice in between sessions.
– Space to share thoughts and experiences. Open communication for needs and adjustments..
in short: my journey to become a massage therapist​.
As an independent freelance artist I performed in many diverse dance – theatre productions of the contemporary dance field. Traveling from projects to projects , being less at home , the so called “hustle” mode is part of my daily, weekly, monthly routine without rest moments. The artistic job requires not only hundred percent determination and loyalty but demands going over your own limits , being sharp and quality. This journey can be sometimes very lonely due to less private socialisation or stable friendships. This lifestyle impacted on my body and my mind. My highly active schedule and the constant physical work made me feel often tired, less focused and weakened my immune system.


The pandemic 2020 slowed down the pace of everybody including mine. This was the time I realised how important it is to take care, have a break and to scan my body and my mind from time to time. Reflecting about this lifestyle I got motivated to start taking care of myself and others in stepping into a healthier approach towards the body. The discovery of massage therapy wasn’t totally new to me, as I was already massaging my colleagues and friends during my dance studies . I have learned my craft at ITM / International Training Massage school / Thai Hand Academy in Amsterdam. The first International Training Massage School in Europe and the only certified & internationally recognized Traditional Thai Yoga Massage School in the Netherlands. And a franchise of ITM Chiang Mai – one of the best schools to learn Nuad Thai in Thailand.


Reconnecting with body and mind is a mission to give to others!